09 November 2007

Out of the Oil Grows a Flower

This freakin' oil spill has me sick as I may have mentioned. But one good thing came out of it. I've been reading all the reports and have been stupefied how many spell-checkers had replaced the word "collision" with "allision"...the Coast Guard, the Bar Pilots, newspapers, it was everywhere.

Of course, the obvious answer: "everybody but me is stupid". Since history has proven that theory wrong, I looked it up. It turns out a "collision" is between two ships, an "allision" is between a ship and a stationary object. Turns out I allide most every time I dock the boat.

So the tragedy has been lessened a tiny tiny insignificant amount, but at least that much, by my new knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the English lesson. So that gatepost allided with my car?

Carol Anne said...

Wow. We're dealing with serious semantics here. Next thing you know, somebody will confuse a tittle with a jot.