08 November 2007

Holy Crap

This is a very unfortunate image of the "in the city" series. This is an oil slick next to Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. More pics at SFGate of this horrible mess. Yesterday, the news was reporting 140 gallons; today the number is 58,000 gallons...guess which number was self-reported by the shipping line.

For you Bay Area people, I've been trying to find out where there is a need for volunteer help, I'll post it when I find it.

Edit: Found this site: UC Davis Oiled Wildlife Care Network. Their current statement at 9:30A on 11/8 is: Volunteers from the general public are not needed at this time. This may change depending on how many oiled animals are found, so please continue to check this site or local media for more information.

Save the Bay recommends checking with the above organization as well.

As of 5PM Thursday, no call for volunteers yet.


Lonnie Bruner said...

My god, this is horrible. So sorry this has happened to your sailing grounds, Edward. I cannot imagine if that happened to my hallowed Chesapeake. I'd probably cry. Seriously.

EVK4 said...

I'm shocked and very glad I wasn't environmentally aware in '72 when almost a million gallons spilled into the Bay. Our tidal currents have dispersed it into a bunch of smaller globs that might make it easier to contain the majority but that also means that there will be small pockets of damage that nobody will be able to attend to. Right now, the advice to the public is "stay away until we need you".

Zen said...

OMG!! this is horrible!

Anonymous said...

Terrible. I can just imagine how upset I would be if something like this happened in Narragansett Bay.

bonnie said...

Hideous. Just hideous.