05 October 2007

Really Airing it Out

During Fleet Week, the Blue Angels buzz San Francisco Bay for 4 days with the big shows on Saturday and Sunday. And that, my faithful readership, is as good of a reason to have a boat as any other.

On Sunday, I'm taking the boy out on the Bay for a glorious afternoon of retina-damaging sky-gazing sky-show fun. We'll probably stay somewhat East of the scrum so that we can get a quick getaway in case he hates the noise. But, since he loves airplanes with the same passion that he hates boats I think I can create a neutral day for him to get used to the Sea.


bonnie said...

Sounds like a great plan.

Would you believe that my earliest memories of sailing actually involve a lot of being absolutely terrified?

Lucky for grown-up me, it seems that little-kid me never let on to that - I don't know if my dad would have made me keep going out at the start if he'd known that the little Widgeons that are the first boats I recall being taken out in scared me as much as they did. Didn't like that whole heeling thing at ALL & did NOT want to tip over. Shoot, now just try keeping me rightside up on a nice day...I would have missed out on so much if my Dad had given up on making a boater out of me.

Good luck with the fighter-jet distraction scheme!

EVK4 said...

Bonnie, one of my earliest blog entries was about the first rule of sailing....never scare a child while sailing.

When I was a kid, I was never scared of being on the boat, it was getting on and off of it. My Dad had a huge 72 foot yawl in the carribbean and apparently, there just weren't parking spots near floating docks for this beast. so getting on and off was just a nightmare for me. same with boarding from dinghies. of all the great memories I should have about that period (very young) the most vivid is having to jump the 15 foot chasm from dock to deck.

I'm glad you got over the fear, we'd be one less great blog in the world if you hadn't.

Zen said...

great Shot