10 October 2007

It's a Different Demographic

There are a couple of days of the year that are just "different" on the water. Opening Day, 4th of July, National Longneck Budweiser Day, and lastly the day the Blue Angels fly. Every other day than those and sailors have the water to themselves. Sure, we get fishermen but they tend to cluster around mysterious blobs on their fishfinders; it's easy to avoid them.

But on the aforementioned days, the public ramp is abuzz. Behold the Donzi Gas Consumer:

We only see this particular species of boat on days when there is an overabundance of testosterone in the air (you know how the weatherman gives pollen counts? I assume Gold's Gym puts out testosterone counts). If anything can destroy the enveloping calm of a marina, it's the roar from one of these monsters. On Sunday, there were no less than three of these going out for a short 1.5 hour "cruise" during the Blue Angels run.

Thankfully, it's still another 3 months until National Longneck Budweiser Day. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts.


Carol Anne said...

Then there was the time we had a regatta the same weekend as these guys had a poker run.

It's a little scary to see a wall of 40 or so of these guys roaring down upon one.

Fortunately, they were gone in a matter of minutes.

Zen said...

shiveerrr me timbers, just from the thought!

Anonymous said...

The good thing is there is usually an abundance of silicone on these boats that could possibly be used if one needed some silicone caulk. Squeezing it out would be quite a bit more fun that getting it from the tube...

bonnie said...

There have been a couple of years when there was a poker run the same year as the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

That's when you are really really glad that there's a nice big motorboat with you and your swimmer, and the Coast Guard & harbor police out in front doing yeoman's work in trying to fend them off.

There's a Superboat race once a year too - for that one, though, they actually shut down the race course section of the upper harbor & river. We got stuck out there one year on the schooner. You could get a flag that would let you through, as long as you stuck to certain rules & came & went when you said you were going to, but we didn't move on that early enough. Instead, the captain had called the CG the day of the race & gotten verbal permission for us to go out & get back to our dock (barely inside the closed zone). We got out before the shutdown but when we tried to go back to our dock at the end of our 2 hour sail it turned out that the word didn't make it to the CG on site. The guys would not budge. So there we were with front-row seats at the superboat race. I broke out the champagne, and aside from the people who missed their plane none of our passengers seemed that upset, one guy even thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Myself - I really could have lived without it.

bonnie said...

ps - Eli is, uh, evil spelled semi-inverted and with a letter left out (that comment! that comment!)(of course the stupid thing is I actually had to think about it for a whole half second before I went "Eeeeeew!" - lame, yeah?).

But you saw his speedboat lesson video, right?

Can't remember the last time I laughed that loud at a youtube thing.