02 October 2007


Molly Brown inspired me. Noah and I were down at the boat on Saturday, doing some work (did I mention it was a work weekend). Part of boat maintenance with a 2 year old is keeping him from grabbing a marlinspike and killing me for boring him. So, we were up in the cockpit winching (insert cute picture here):

Noah and I looked over and saw the Molly Brown steaming out of the marina. Look closely at that picture. What I see is something that I've been scared to do. Just take the kids out to motor around. He has one kid on his lap and the other hanging out on the bow. No pretenses of sailing, the fenders are still dangling and the mainsail cover is on. It's a beautiful picture.

Now it's time for me to do something like this. I have the older one trained and loving sailing. It's time to force the issue with Noah. I put a lifejacket on him and for the first time ever, he left the cockpit. We walked up and down the deck, sat on the bow, stood in the pulpit, jumped down the forward hatch, and just got comfortable with the boat.

See, he loves the boat!

This was all in preparation for this upcoming weekend. The Blue Angels are in town and Noah and I are going to motor out to the middle of the Bay to watch them. He loves planes, this is the perfect plan. The sailcovers will be on, he'll be tethered and will just have to get used to the boat while doing something that he will really enjoy. I'll probably pull up the fenders though.

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