28 September 2007

Fish Mongers on Friday

Old Fish Mongers on Friday.

If you have more sophisticated taste in fish, please check out Fish Sticks on Friday.


Anonymous said...

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Carol Anne said...

Ummmmm ... "is really good written"?

Do you wish to admit that someone with such grammar considers yours worthy of praise?

Let me tell you about a good investment opportunity. Visit your local neighborhood community college. There is probably a charitable foundation that supports the college, providing services to both the college and to its students beyond what tax dollars can provide. Make a donation to that foundation.

OK, so the only immediate financial benefit to you is the tax deduction, but investing in as-yet unbuilt tourist hotels in a foreign country has no benefit at all, especially if the thing is a scam and you lose all of your money.

But if you support the community college, you are investing in the future of your community, and of talented individuals in your community who just need a chance. I know; I see dozens in my classrooms every term.

OK, apologies if I got a bit, um, strident ... celia just ticked me off.