09 August 2007

The Summer Weather Forecast

Today: 5 to 15 knots, increasing to 15-25 with gusts to 30
Tomorrow: 5 to 15, increasing to 20
Next Day: 5 to 15
Day after that: 5 to 15

The thing is, it's a rolling forecast. The same forecast will be in place tomorrow and the day after. Each day it's 5 to 15, increasing to 15-25 and gusts to 30. Why make it seem like I'm going to have reasonable kid-sized wind on Sunday when I know that it will give me the today forecast when I check on Sunday. Come on NOAA, I know it, you know it, just be realistic with me on this forecast.

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to resort to a Tillerman-style Open Letter and call you out officially.


Tillerman said...

Too late. I already wrote a post rubbishing NOAA.

Pat said...

Well, you could still go after TWC, AccuWeather, Weather Underground, and Intellicast...

or you could just show up at the marina and give thanks for whatever sailing weather you get.

bdrlaw said...

Thought you might want to read about another sailor/blogger that made the front page of Yahoo.com:

"Rowing alone across the Atlantic Ocean might be enough of a feat for some people to retire on. But not Roz Savage. This irrepressible adventurer (and blogger, speaker, and writer) now has her sights set on a Pacific voyage, too.

Currently, the weather has Roz cooling her heels in San Francisco. But as soon as things clear, Roz and her boat, the Brocade, are shipping off for Australia, via Hawaii and Tuvalu.

When she does, her web site will track her closely. Already, it boasts a wealth of information on her nutritional needs, the technology on board the Brocade, how she will generate power, and her daily tech routine. (As well as her general mood about being stuck on land right now.) Once Roz ships off, she will row 12 hours a day and follow that up with daily blog and video posts, podcasts, and text messages.

When we caught up with Roz, she told us what she thinks of the Internet, why her phone bill is $2,000 when she's at sea, and what sites inspire her most...

Roz, we so admire what you're doing—and we're crossing our fingers that Mother Nature gives you the go-ahead soon.

Thank you! I had hoped to depart this Sunday, but in our stoplight system the yellow/green areas have just turned to red, so I may be on these shores for a while yet...."

from your landlubber friend at http://www.upfrontmortgageblog.com