09 July 2007

Took the Weekend Off

I took the weekend off from sailing. Went to the beach Sunday, had a barbeque Saturday and overall got some good family-on-land time in. The weather was weird, cold as hell in the morning, delightfully sunny in the afternoons. But I didn't even pay attention to the wind.

When I started reading the sailing sites, there's some commotion about the Express 27 Nationals this weekend. Apparently, it was blowing dogs of chains out there...dismastings, shredded kites, lost hats...the works. And this was in one of the calmer spots on the Bay. Woohoo, glad I didn't go out.

Then I realized that The Olympic Circle Sailing Club has a great weather tool right by my slip that keeps track of a week's worth of historical wind/weather. When I checked, Saturday was only 15-20 knots, while Sunday was a touch higher than usual at 25-30 knots. Nothing at all out of the ordinary for summer (though admittedly, I would probably have come up with a good dockside project on Sunday since my original plan had me taking out a complete novice and his 7 year old son).

Reading through the accounts, I think that Berkeley was actually the calmest part of the Bay for one of the few times in recent memory. I should have been out there for such a momentous occasion. Maybe I'd have gotten some bloggworthy anecdotes.


bonnie said...


For some strange reason, I thought you might enjoy today's Frogma post.

EVK4 said...

That is fantastic! They say Ladybugs are good luck. Not sure who says it, but believe me, it's said.

bonnie said...

That's good to hear! And a ladybug that matches your boat has got to be even better, right?

btw, love the six-year-old correcting the skipper in today's story. That's excellent. I wish I'd been half as keen when I was her age!