26 July 2007

Around in Ten

Yay! Harley in Seabiscuit is back at it. But now he's going to be part of some organized chaos called Around in Ten, a race around the world in 10 foot boats. This is Nemesis....the successor to Seabiscuit:

This is going to rock, they even have a forum! Unfortunately the race doesn't start until early 2009 but hey, that's only a year and a half away. I'm rooting for Harley and sincerely rooting for a better boat design for him.


SailRacer said...

A boat made of reeds, a couple trying to stay at sea for 1000 days. Now this. Doesn't anyone think a nice comfy Swan is the way to go anymore?

bonnie said...

10 feet?

that's nuts! Totally improbable!

Of course one of my favorite things about blogs is how many nutty, improbable adventures they allow me to enjoy vicariously. I LOVE that stuff. As long as everybody comes home alive of course (knock wood). Thanks for the lead!

wait, where's the boat made of reeds? I missed that one.

Anonymous said...

After over a year old Harley of SeaBusciut Fame, Who never left the dock, still has not started building the new bost, Where does he jump to next? maybe moving up to a Swan!