21 May 2007

Try This with the Super Bowl

I spent the day on Sunday launching Starbeam, sailing her around the marina, having brunch at a friend's house, then spending the rest of the day hanging out with my Toddler son. I saw perhaps a dozen people I knew outside of my family.

Now, they couldn't have known that I had Tivo'd the Luna Rossa/BMWO race from that morning. I knew which websites to avoid and I didn't read my Paul Cayard update on my Blackberry. So, I didn't know who won and I didn't want to know who won until I watched it.

And nobody told me all day! Try that with the Super Bowl.

For everybody who bemoans that our sport isn't universally beloved and followed on a daily basis by ESPN, keep this little anecdote in mind and be careful what you wish for.


Eliboat said...

hahaha, well, the other day I checked Sailing Anarchy early in the afternoon just to see what was going on, and some guy had posted "Italy Beats USA" or something like that. Totally spoiled the match that I had Tivod. Needless to say I was pissed, and then proceeded to observe a very similar routine to the one you described for the next week.

Zen said...

SuperBowl... is that the combo meal at the Japanese place on the Pier?

"Raps" said...

It's like those salads that come in an edible bowl... with special sauce.

Pat said...

And I thought Superbowl was some chunky folks throwing a mostly solid plastic cannonball down a wooden lane or gutter, sometimes narrowly missing some wooden clubs placed upright at the end of the lane.