28 March 2007

LeMans Start

I've been thinking about the usefulness of my world record. It's a fairly useless record to hold as long as I'm the keeper of my slip. I'm pretty certain I hold the record of fastest passage from slip A30 to the marina breakwater too, but haven't had it ratified by The Council In Charge of Such Matters (TCICoSM).

But in lieu of the fancy gold filigreed certificate that I'm sure I'll receive, there is a benefit to practicing for this World Record. The LeMans Start. Someday, there's going to be a race out of Berkeley employing this incredibly exciting racing technique.

All the skippers will stand on the guest dock at BYC, when the gun goes off, we have to get to our boats any way possible and sail out to the course. My plan will be to jump in the water, swim the 50 yards across the marina, pull myself up on the swim ladder that I will conveniently leave on the transom, and sail out immediately.

The swim will be slow, but my proximity to the breakwater assures me a front row start. Finally, progress made in my racing skills!

1 comment:

"Raps" said...

Ahh The Lemans start!!! Out here in wisconsin we call it the Lambeau leap!!!!!!

Go Packers!