13 March 2007

Dogs 'n' Cats


Eli recently wrote a piece about the Dogs of the BVI, coming soon to Netflix and/or late night TV. That got me wondering, when did the shift happen from boat cats to boat dogs? When I was a kid, my Dad's boats always had cats. His friends' boats had cats. I remember seeing cats at marinas.

Now, I'm old and have a boat. And the darned marina is littered with Dogs. The liveaboard across from me has a mutt; my next slip neighbor has a lab of some sort. The guy down the way has a dog that he sails with. And if you look closely at this picture that I affectionately call "Giver Upper 400", you'll see a Westie in a doggie-PFD.

giver-upper 400

Hell, I even have a dog...Cairn Terrier above walking my kids.

I have one theory. Cats just are dumb animals. Case in point, my Mom used to throw their cat overboard whenever it did business in the salon. Hey, it was the 60s people were mean then. So, my parents divorce, my Dad must have lost and had to keep the cat. First time he sees the cat do business, he goes to pick him up, but the cat is too quick, but luckily not too smart, he immediately hurled himself overboard. Pavlov's Cat goes to Sea.


Zen said...


Very Funny.

However I have seen seen very very smart cat.
Cat just want you think they are dumb, so they can get away with stuff, they are really out to overthrow the world. beware...

PS: it is hella cold in Japan now, I miss the BAY weather!

Anonymous said...

That is one of the cutest pictures I have seen in quite some time. I thought that might be a Norwich Terrier, but you say it is a Cairn...both great dogs in any case. My great sailing friend, the Admiral, has both a Cairn and a Norwich. As far as your observation RE preponderance of dogs vs. cats at marinas and on boats, I would say that it is one tiny piece of evidence that out society is getting smarter despite a wealth of contradictory evidence.

EVK4 said...

Definitely a cairn, they come in both brindle and whatever color rosie is. I always look at norwiches as the smaller less fat version of a cairn.

One of Rosie's daughter's was a national champion cairn, kind of a nice distinction for our 14 year old girl (rescued after breeding days were done).

Carol Anne said...

I have to agree with Zen ... Cats are much smarter than you think they are.

But I don't know that it would be such a bad idea to have cats running the world ...

There would always be plenty of sunny spots for napping in.

Chicken and fish, especially grilled rather than fried, would always be on the menu.

Cultivation of catnip would be encouraged, and restrictions would be lifted on other herbs.

Cats would be counted as dependents on our tax returns -- and just to make things fair, dogs would probably also be included.

"Raps" said...

he go back and pick up the cat?