10 January 2007

Rat Boat

"Calling all cars, calling all cars, be on the lookout for a 29 foot sailboat with the conspicuous smell of rats and cats"

That's the call that might just be heard on the VHF over the next couple of days. It seems (according to the AP) that a man has been charged with cruelty to animals for having 37 rats and 6 cats confined on his 29 foot sailboat in Petaluma. This is an interesting story -- strange, but interesting.

Then, I read on Latitude 38 that said "Rat Boat" is on its way down to the SF Bay. Without the rats, but I'm sure there are more where those came from. Here's the problem with that...I berth in Berkeley, a magnet for wingnuts like this. Do you think he's heading to Belvedere or Berkeley? That's right, Berkeley.

And, to top that off, I'm on a pier with, get this, 30 foot slips, some of them empty. I'll bet a can of Ortho Rat-B-Gone that I'll have a new neighbor soon.

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