02 January 2007

More Virtual Sailing

Second Life, Tacticat, that sailing program that I don't remember the name of....there are a lot of ways to virtually sail. I truly understand the need for it...winter sucks in many places, it's not always possible to go sailing. But I just don't get excited about pretending to sail while looking at a computer.

I read about something like this sailing simulator in some sailing magazine a few years ago. This I get:

Photo Source: www.virtualsailing.com.au

It's almost all the way there to a realistic sailing experience. Next step, a big fan, somebody with a bucket of water, and a pickpocket and you have the true sailing simulator.


Zen said...

Hmmm you also need a big PFD, so get the real feel.

allkindsofsunglasses.com said...

hahaha this really can't compare to sailing on the open water but at least you can do it in all weathers :D