11 December 2006

Wintertime and the Living's Easy

Back on topic now...I'm supposed to be writing about my boat not Sailing Anarchy.

You'd think it was wintertime in the Frigid Northeast with how many projects are going on right now. This past weekend was beautiful sailing weather but between the Holidays and these projects, I didn't get to touch the tiller in anger.

The best project is one that is sure to "grow our sport". I'm having all of our interior cushions re-upholstered. This will increase participation from my family by two-fold.

I pulled my "new" spinnaker out in the kitchen and my 15 month old loved it...immediately dived in and started playing. Thinking I have my future bowman on my hands, I pulled out the camera to take some pictures. Of course, he has some sort of insane sixth-sense for camera lenses; as soon as a lens cap is removed he heads directly for the lens. So, no picture, but trust me it was adorable and encouraging.

The biggest project is rigging the boat for the spinnaker. I have a few of the blocks in place but need to get a couple of turning blocks and cleats mounted. Shouldn't be too hard to do and I do love drilling holes in my boat.

Not much sailing is going to happen the rest of December but maybe I'll get one or two of these projects done.

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