05 December 2006

Coming Soon: Downwind Adventures

I've sailed with spinnakers before. One time I trimmed a spinnaker. Heck, I've even done foredeck a few times though I'm not sure foredeck on a J105 (sprit boat) counts. But, back to my point, I've never owned a boat with a spinnaker. Or steered or generally been in charge of what's happening.

That changes now.

EBay could possibly have changed my sailing life. I finally found a spinnaker in decent shape that was pretty inexpensive. It's a bit undersized for the boat which will hopefully limit the potential for disaster.

I have to rig a few blocks but generally have everything in stock for Harken's recommended deck layout:

I don't have a third halyard but for now I can use the jib halyard until we get the hang of it. And someday I have to go to the top of the mast to replace the anchor light anyway.

Holy crap, Lady Bug is going to be dangerous now.


Zen said...

So would that make it a lady bug with a stinger? Like a lady bugbee.

Litoralis said...

Have fun. Try flying it without the pole going almost dead-downwind first to get a feel for it.

EVK4 said...

Litoralis, great tip. I really only got the spinnaker so that sometime this summer I get to yell "blow the guy" in anger. All these years, "blow the vang" was the best butt-saving expletive in my arsenal.