21 December 2006

Brr, it's cold out there

I get to go sailing on December 26th. It will be cold (58 or so) but that is nothing compared to what our sailing compatriots in the Freezing North endure.

One gentleman, Aye Eyes from Sailing Anarchy, posted this picture of an early December sail in Minnesota.

A couple of things pop out at me. He's about to hit the Arctic Ice Shelf. The fact that he has a friend who is as insane as he is. That appears to be a Penguin flying along the bottom of the picture (you can't see it at blog-size but believe me it looks like a penguin). The Ensigns look like nice boats. And the most important, Sir Aye Eyes loves sailing.

As of today the days start getting longer and the first sails of Spring will be here before we know it. Happy Winter Solstice Day.

1 comment:

Zen said...

Ah, spring, I can almost smell it...that is after I blow out this ice in my nose from scraping the frost off the car.