07 November 2006

Weekend Work

We have a different kind of winter out here, it rains plenty but when there isn't any rain it's still fairly temperate. So, when there's crappy weather forecast I can still go work on the boat without a parka. And there's crappy weather forecast for this 3-day weekend.

I have a few indoor projects (replace the faucets and paint the v-berth to name two). But it's the cockpit projects that are most exciting...my new winches should be arriving on Thursday (UPS tells me they left Uniondale, NY last Friday). I have to check the temperature range for epoxy to cure but I think we should be within the allowable range. My first task is to pull off the old winches, then epoxy the holes, perform some ergonomic testing for the new winches, and finally install them there beauties.

Based on the anticipated position of the winches over the coamings, I actually think I can make this a one person project. But if I'm lucky enough to have a second, more experienced and handy helper (Hey Bob, what are you doing this weekend?), I'm going to install the new halyard clutches too. Those ancient clutches scare me.

I am positive that my tens of readers are on the edges of their seats to hear about the new winches so I'll keep updates coming. Polka Dot Racing Rules!


Anonymous said...


what winches and clutches did you decide to get???

Carol Anne said...

And then there was the time a fellow sailor departed from a sailing club dinner to go work on his boat, with the comment, "I'm going to lube some winches tonight."