07 November 2006

Doom & Unmitigated Failure

A few weeks ago, the Editor at Sailing Anarchy posted a fairly benign gossip piece about Tom Perkins' Maltese Falcon (pictured below). He drudged up some old news regarding it being built with an old unused hull and some dockhands' reports that she didn't sail well.

Photo Source: SuperYacht

Either this pissed off Tom Perkins or somebody had fun impersonating him and wished "Doom & Unmitigated Failure" upon Sailing Anarchy. "Doom and Unmitigated Failure" is a really really mean thing to wish upon anyone. I mean seriously, Doom alone is bad enough but to throw "Unmitigated Failure" at someone. That's crossing the line.

And, unfortunately for the thousands that are addicted to the forums at SA, Doom & Unmitigated Failure has occurred. The forums are down, hacked. There's a crappy little chat feature that somehow brings the level of maturity down another three notches below SA's already juvenile level.

That's why this blog stays out of controversial topics like Dennis Conner's PHRF escapades, Laser sailing for weight loss, or which is a nicer bridge (Golden Gate or Richmond/San Rafael). I don't want Doom & Unmitigated Failure heaped upon the house of EVK4.


Zen said...

A Horrible fate!

Marty said...

Golden Gate is better

EVK4 said...

I am now number one in google search for the term Doom and Unmitigated Failure