03 October 2006

Something Better Than Sailing!!!

Just kidding, this isn't better than sailing. But it is what I did this weekend.

I have this friend that doesn't like to sail and that's what I'm always inviting him to do. He's always inviting me to 49ers games, an activity that holds the appeal of chewing on ground glass to me. So, we compromised on frisbee golf, a very neutral benign activity. Who can dislike frisbee golf?

Well, it turns out that people don't dislike frisbee golf because it's a ridiculous "sport". Do you have any idea how hard frisbee golf is? Look at my sense of accomplishment just for holing one shot...I posed next to it for crying out loud.

Then there's this guy who pulled MG's third shot out of the water for us:
He might dislike frisbee golf.

We did get better as we went along, trying to decipher the cryptogram they call a course map. Weaving this way and that through "dangerous" bushes in this odd public space, we finally came upon hole 6. This homeless guy is sitting on a tree stump looking at us with some worry. We all fling our frisbees down there and he's still staring. Our second shots come just short of him and he starts laughing. At us. The homeless guy is laughing at us. Is it because we've all sold out and become part of The System? Is it our yuppie attire in the People's Republic of Berkeley? Maybe he forgot his pills? No, as we approach, he chuckles some more and says, in disbelief, "you're using frisbees?". Umm, yeah, what do you expect, badminton birdies?

Turns out he's only the first of about 8 people to laugh at us for using frisbees to play frisbee golf. You see, it's called "disc golf" and people tote around a bag of specialty "discs" to play "disc golf". Not only were we using frisbees but MR (notice the UC Santa Cruz shirt) was using one of those whamo numbers with a hole in the middle:
And my two frisbees were borrowed from my 5 year old who had received them in a goodie bag at some party last summer.

And yet, we got good anyway, check out BG's stellar form:

We probably took about 100 more throws than the average "disc golfer" but based on their physiques they could use the exercise. Now, if only this "sport" would evolve to the point that you throw your "disc" from the bow, trying to hit the mark while sailing, we might have an activity worth blogging about.

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