31 October 2006

"Anna the Good Witch"

Once there was a witch that lived in a Halloween town. There were black birds all over the town and there were ghosts living near her house. She didn't know they were living next door. Of course, you know no one can see the ghost. There were five children who were coming to the spooky town from far away to visit the witch named Anna.

She was a good witch. Then a lot of bats came flying to Anna's house. They came through the house and then out. Then a bunch of flying pumpkins came after them. They were good pumpkins and they stayed to decorate Anna's house. All of a sudden a bunch of evil witches came and took the pumpkins away and clipped the pumpkin's wings off. Then a ghost came to Anna's. It was flying through but instead of coming out, it searched through the house and put spooky stuff all over the place!

It scared Anna right out of her house. The ghost took over Anna's house until the four children came to the house and stayed. They all went after Anna and explained what happened. You see, the fifth child was the spooky ghost! Then they all laughed.

-my 5 year old daughter's published story

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