26 September 2006

New Blog New Boat

I'm following the release of a couple of new boats with varying degrees of interest: The Rocket 22, the Hoot, the Melges 32, Flying Tiger 10M, and the Annapolis 30. I can't afford any of them and I'm not a good enough sailor for most of them but it is interesting.

The first Flying Tiger's have recently landed on American soil, the Annapolis 30 just missed being ready for the Annapolis Boat show, the Melges 32 had a fleet that wasn't quite ready for KWRW, and the Hoot is having a few growing pains. I think I'm rooting for the Hoot mostly, it's a singlehanded skiff that's been designed for ease of handling. And it's a local boat.

I'll probably write about the FT10 some time when the first one makes it to Berkeley, but the Rocket guys are doing the new-age marketing with their own blog. Great pictures and they're already at boat number 8. The owner of that boat is even offering rides to Seattle sailors. I could probably make the same offer on one of my el toros...any takers?


Anonymous said...

Dude, I bet that you can sail all those boats. Stop being modest. I've seen the videos.

EVK4 said...

Joe, of course you're right, I could sail all of those boats. But why should I, my Newport 28 is appreciably faster than all of them, at least with me at the helm.

And them at anchor.

Carol Anne said...

Hey, you both could come and sail with me on my Etchells.

If you're really nice, I could even let you operate the bilge pump.

Anonymous said...

Umm, Carol Anne...didn't you fix all the leaks on Black Magic???

Carol Anne said...

Well, there's one really big hole in the boat that probably can't be closed without violating class rules. Plus it would make the boat really hard to sail if we glassed over the cockpit.