19 June 2006

Strange Thing

A very strange thing happened this past weekend. I had a friend pull me aside at a party (3 year old birthday party for the curious few) and ask if he could go sailing with me. I constantly ask people if they'd like to go sailing or I'll say things like, "I go sailing almost every weekend you should come". But I mostly get blank stares, apathy and the occasional angry tirade.

But this was different, a friend saying, "let's go sailing". I tried to play it cool and hard to get, but it came out like this, "how about next saturday I can pick you up if you want what would you like for lunch we'll have it catered I love you and you can be captain if you want." All said about that fast.

So, now I'm actually going to have two crew and possibly Captain Camille loitering around the startline for the singlehanded transpac next Saturday. Made my week.


Anonymous said...

Very cool... but what are youg going to do if your friend decides they want to be captain... Captain Camille is not going to be happy. Would that be barratry, since you're encouraging mutiny. :D

Zen said...

Sometimes it just all comes together, yeah baby yeah :-)

Anonymous said...

So the Gloria Ferrer incident is forgotten?

EVK4 said...

You don't read my blog...what made you stoop to this level?

And, no champagne on the boat anyway.