09 June 2006

Singlehanded Transpac

The singlehanded transpac starts next Saturday (6/24). This may not be the world's most exciting or publicized race (see VOR or America's Cup) but my dockmate is in it so I am more than a bit excited about it.

Chris' boat, a Dana 24, is the second smallest entered with the biggest being a Swan 51 and Open 60. The prevailing wisdom is to go south until you get under the high and then enjoy a nice downwind run to Hawaii. This same weather pattern recently took a nobody-handed (read as abandoned) boat from Mexico to Hawaii. The currents and wind really do point you there which would probably explain how the island got populated in the first place.

The reason I bring this up isn't just because Camille and I plan on sailing out to the starting line to see him off on the 24th but because he wasn't at his boat last night. For the last 6 weeks every time I've gone to the boat he's been there working on her. So as Camille and I were driving down to the marina last night and I realized that the dock key was in the other car, I thought, "no worries, I'll just yell really loudly to Chris, he'll let us in". Ah, the best laid plans and all. Camille and I didn't get to enjoy our picnic dinner in the cockpit, instead having to eat in the car watching the windsurfers....what a letdown.

But, I know he'll be there on the 24th ready to sail his perfectly trim little boat to Hawaii.

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Zen said...

Now that sound cool, perhaps you can pass along some of the highlights