15 April 2006

Opening Day Soon!

I finally did something that I've been threatening for years -- I bought a tri-corner hat to go with my eye patch. This does two things...gives the boys something to do while sailing (playing with the fairytopia barbies doesn't always fly with the 5-6 year old boy set) and solves that troublesome port/starboard right-of-way scenario.

Opening Day is coming up and I'm hoping that the Marin-based members of my crew will join us; I think a righteous pirate costume should do the trick. Please comment if you're Jack and would wear this get up while sailing:

As to the right-of-way problem on a crowded San Francisco Bay, if we're flying the Jolly Rogers and Dread Pirate Jack is sporting a tri-corners, do you think anyone in their right mind would test our knowledge of the rules of the road?


Anonymous said...

Is this the result of the mutiny earlier? Is Camille really the pirate princess?

Anonymous said...

Argh matey. I lifted your photo and used it in conjuction with a quote you made on sail theory.

Tillerman said...

Is that your good side?

Anonymous said...

Ummmm..."giving the boys something to play with" has some really unfortunate connotations. Please reconsider this paragraph.

By the way, have you seen this:


Paris B

Anonymous said...

P.S.-thank you for thinking of Captain Jack. He is sleeping and planning his next naval manouver right now (it's 11 PM), but we will run it by him in the AM while he eats his "Les Frosties".

EVK4 said...

Was I just severly mis-quoted on my own blog? How does that happen Mr. Anonymous-Living-It-Up-in-Paris?

Tillerman, I confess to not really having a "good side".

Anonymous said...

This is Jack:

Yes, I would wear it, but I'd also like to steer the boat. Move over, Jambon!