15 February 2006

Supposed to be funny

This blog is supposed to be funny or at least interesting. Somehow I can't make a post about scrubbing the cabin satisfy either of those two requirements.

Of course, I could always discuss the benefits of Pine Sol v. 409 v. Soft Scrub. But, hell, most of my reader's are probably up on the current research into the field of industrial cleaners and their reactions to saltwater.

Ordering new canvas is exciting but only if you're the one ordering it (or the vendor, of course). I have picked captain's navy as my color scheme. The sails will be white. Interesting factoid: you will never see the sails and the canvas at the same time so I didn't put much thought into coordination. It just happens that navy and white look smashing together.

If I don't get my rigging survey issue sorted out with the insurance company, you can bet you'll see a rant about them.

In the meantime, I'll be content knowing that all of my dozen faithful readers are aware that my v-berth is officially clean enough for my family to venture into. Fair winds.....you know, to help air out the boat.

1 comment:

Lingo Slinger said...

hi evk4. you know, although this is a sailing blog, don't feel weird occasionally posting about something else if you feel restricted... you can write about whatever you want to.

hope all is well.