03 February 2006

Odd Feeling

I am committed to buying the Newport which means I have to commit to selling Polka Dot. What an incredibly odd feeling, it's like I'm abandoning her. I'm not going to get so sentimental that I'll not take the money but I really hope I can send her off to a good family.

Sunday is supposed to finally be good weather, so I have people lined up from 10A to 1P to see the boat. I anticipate it to be more like a teenage daughter's Dad sitting in the study grilling her date about his intentions than a sales pitch. "Where do you see yourself in five years, young man?" The answer had better be more sailing every weekend than letting my boat wither away in some rundown marina in Alameda.

I'll let them know I'll be checking in every once in a while so they'd better behave.


Anonymous said...

Dude. You're killing me here. I'll give you $300 on the condition that we fill it with explosives and send it on auto pilot out to the Farallons, while we trail closely behind in the new boat, video cameras in hand.

Soundtrack for the movie we'll make: "Let there be rock" by AC/DC.

You will have many boats in your life, each better than the last.

Do you still pine over your Jr. prom date?

Tillerman said...

When you're buying a boat like that do you get to take it for a "test drive"?