21 February 2006

Lost Post

Blogger lost a post about My Little Pony. Here I thought I'd updated it over the weekend with an interesting write-up on the surprising nauticality of My Little Ponies and, yet, it's not there. I even accused Tillerman of being a Pony Connoisseur. Classic Blog material, seriously.

This Pony now has to speak for the entire Lost Post:


Tillerman said...

Yeah - I wondered what happened to the lost post too.

But I have good news. Hasbro produced a number of "sea ponies" with excellent names for boats. Your daughter might be tempted to go with Wave Dancer, White Cap or Splasher. But I'm sure you'll persuade her to settle for something like Tiny Bubbles or Seawinkle.

crkmama said...

Tillerman gets better by the post. A My Little Pony afficianado? I'm more than impressed.

Lingo Slinger said...

ha ha!!! no way!! they have a nautical my little pony?! how appropriate! awesome.