06 January 2006

I've got Nothing

The lack of consistent posting is the death knell for a blog. But, I've set this thing up so that it's about sailing, and sometimes something mildly interesting from my life. Unfortunately for the last week, no sailing and nothing mildly interesting. Next week is shaping up like that too.

We have finally had enough dry days to allow me to take my lunch-time to go out in the backyard and sand the interior of Clover. But unless pictures of dust masks and microscopic razor sharp fiberglass strands hovering in the air are a fetish of yours, there's nothing in that for you. The next step is to fair out the rough part where I removed the leaky airtight flotation chamber...that stops about five rungs below mildly interesting, maybe six.

I did find the logo for Clover and am currently trying to figure out how best to paint it:

Umm, yes, I did just steal the clover from the Boston Celtics logo, but it required some clever photoshopping to get rid of that damned leprechaun.

Maybe sailing or some interesting el toro work this weekend. One can only hope.


Anonymous said...

It's a good clover...there's no reason you shouldn't use it for your boat...it isn't like your boat is going to compete in the NBA anytime soon. :D

At least, out in Oakland, you have a prayer of getting some decent sailing in, in January. In Boston, all we've got is frostbite racing...and the way the weather has been, the emphasis would be on the frostbite.

Anonymous said...

Ah, "microscopic razor sharp fiberglass strands hovering in the air ." Thank God it's dried out, I can once again resume my work on the Banshee.

Nice clover by the way.

Tillerman said...

Hey - if you write it well and have some photos then work on the boat would definitely be of interest. There are several blogs out there that are almost 100% about boat maintenance. Though you hvae to feel sorry for those guys but I guess that's waht turns them on.

Anonymous said...

The clover is a great symbol... luck and good fortune! Better be racing that sailboat!