23 December 2005

Gone Boatin'

Not sailing, boating. My first time ever on a powerboat was a success. The Arturo (pictured in the post below) is a fine piece of machinery...fast, comfortable, lots of handholds...everything you could ask for in a powerboat.

Very different experience than a sailboat, though. The most glaring difference is speed. If God wanted people to go that fast on the water, he wouldn't have invented keels. But it is fun. You can actually point this thing directly into the wind and make it go that direction; you have no idea how much time that saves. Not to mention having 250 horses strapped to the transom, that helps too.

But waves that a sailboat would gracefully go up and over are not so easy on this particular boat...we made some spectacular crashes through waves that made Old Faithful look tame. The other odd thing that my cousin pointed out is that if you're not fishing or flying around the Bay at 3MPG, there's not much to do. You miss some of the joy of sitting in the boat bobbing around looking for puffs. He still has his appreciation for sailing, which is nice.

Next stop is a rendezvous with our families at Angel Island (a 2 hour trip for me, about 15 minutes for him despite me being closer), meet up for lunch and film each other's boats in action. Viva la Mercury!

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