16 November 2005

Ordering Sails

Just ordered a new sail from Jotz Sails. It's complicated, this guy is a world champion in the El Toro Class, and he knows his sails (I would guess). On the order form, he wants the mast deflection measured, so apparently he customizes the sail to how stiff your mast is.

He says his sails work best with 1.25" of deflection and our old wooden spar has 2.25". I would anticipate a fuller leach? Maybe. I don't know. What I do know, is that 50 pounds of slate will certainly bend this mast:

Any scientists out there want to tell me how much wind correlates to 50 lbs of pressure on the middle of the mast?


Anonymous said...

That depends on how big an El Toro sail is. If memory serves me correctly, they are not very big. Here is a link to beaufort scales and equivalent wind pressures. From that you cqan figure out how much wind it will take to exert 50 lbs of pressure on your sail. As far as locating that pressure, that is a little bit more tricky to do.

Anonymous said...

woops...here is the link

Anonymous said...

hey toro guy-
here's the deal. when your mast bends more, hank must cut the shape of your mast into the luff of the sail. It matters a lot. I've bought 10 sails from him for my el toro. Take the measurements, use a string-or-measure up from ground. Hank is a 7 time National champ in toros, and 3 times in the 505.

Anonymous said...

I have you use 50# to measure your deflection because in my experience that correlates to the mast bend at 15 to 20 mph of wind.