16 October 2005

El Toro Loco

I am a good father. So I'm not about to put my daughter's life on the line in a non-seaworthy boat. The only way to be sure of the seaworthiness of Starbeam was to take El Toro Loco out for a sail this weekend. Seriously, it wasn't an excuse to ditch the family and go . I wouldn't do that, I'm too good of a father.

The maiden sail was on Scott's Flat Lake:

The boat is a blast to sail, I kept scooting back and forth across the lake challenging a Hobie and a Sunfish to race for pink slips. Fast and responsive and incredibly uncomfortable if you're 6'2", this boat is going to be a joy for Camille to sail (until she's 6'2" I guess). And it floats, a very nice bonus if I'm going to put my little girl in it.

We took a ton of pictures, the problem is that all but this one show the incredibly horrible shape of the boat's sails. Of course the boat is about to start its restoration project, so Pineapple and Jotz are about to get into a bidding war for my business!

El Toro Loco will be roaming the seas soon!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Truly a sign of the bravest of matadors. One who fights El Torol on his knees. "OLE"

Tillerman said...

LOL. You are a truly dedicated sailing father.

Lingo Slinger said...

I love the name...

El Toro Loco

Nice!!! And i'm so glad it floats!

Greg said...

Looks like it's time to throw in a reef. And is that a 6:1 Cunningham ?
I've had fewer joys than watching my Son sail his sunfish.

Anonymous said...

Great photo!
Glad to hear you are enjoying the boat and my sail.