16 August 2005


I've been going on and on about racing the last few weeks. I obsess, design t-shirts, write a playbook, and build spreadsheets to understand my position via PHRF. You'd think I'd gone all nutty about racing.

But when I think about my next boat, I still think big heavy Alberg-designed cruisers with a comfortable cabin and lots of teak. When I'm considering a Tartan, it's not the T10 racer, but an S&S designed Tartan 30 which, while fast, is more family oriented. And my favorite boat is still a Cape Dory like this 30 foot cutter:

Who knows what I'll end up with, quite possibly a T10 or Flying Tiger, but I'm betting it'll be something with a ridiculously heavy keel, a couple of reef points, a dodger, and PHRF rating up in the stratosphere. And I'll still race her.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that isn't a picture of the Polka Dot with different colored sail covers?

I was reading about Swan boats-those look pretty cool, and there's a dealership in Point Richmond. What would one of those set you back?


EVK4 said...


The Swan that I would want: several million. An older 43 footer: $200K. I'll do a partnership.