11 July 2005

Halfway out...

I'm getting good. No, not at sailing -- I still do things like forget to put important parts on the frickin' boat. I'm getting good at timing the halfway point of a kid's interest.

Here's the typical exchange:
Me: "time to head back in"
Parent: "screw you pal, we just got out here, I drove all the way to Berkeley for this?
Me: "Yes, and please sit down, I'm about to jibe.....jibe-ho!!!"
Parent: "ouch"
Me: stinkeye
Parent, 10 minutes later: "OK, he's ready to head back"
Me: "hah, bust it!"

OK, it's not really that contentious, but it turns out timing is everything. Mookie went out for his first sail on Saturday and I will now post an absurdly adorable sailing picture to keep your attention:

See, he still loved sailing on the way back in. He was full of cute nautical phrases the whole trip: "ahoy matey", "aaarrgggghhh", and "more motor". The last one he said a thousand times even after I explained the evil of stinkpots. I'm not sure he got the beauty and majesty of the sailing itself, but at least he enjoyed the time on the water.

His words as he left the dock: "I want some more Uncle Egward's boat."


Anonymous said...

Artistic license? I can't believe I waited this long to read this. He talks about going sailing again. Whenever you're game for 3 people on, with only 1 sailing.

EVK4 said...

I found a place where I can get kids-sized pirate 3-corner hats for $4.29 so there's even more incentive.