29 April 2005

Big Fast Boats

I have no idea why this is so exciting to me. My 22 foot sailboat topped out at 7 knots once and that was only with a hell of a current assist. But the Transatlantic Challenge is starting May 21 and features two bad ass maxi-yachts, the Mari-Cha IV and Maximus. These two boats are ridiculously fast. Maximus claims to have gone 27 knots in an 18 knot breeze while Mari-Cha IV owns the current transatlantic record.

I have to root for the Mari-Cha IV though. First reason, their PR firm sent Camille an autographed photo of the MC4 when I sent them the picture below.

Second, the ridiculously wealthy owner is named Bob Miller. My boss is named Bob Miller. Look here for insightful updates like this one once the race starts.

And don't even get me started on the possibility of BMW/Oracle racing winning the America's Cup and me getting to race Polka Dot against those beasts in 2011 on San Francisco Bay.

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