26 February 2003

My first blog....

I am going to steal crapola and list what kind of car
each crapolite may or may not be :

Edward :This would make me like a Ford Festiva,
constantly looking over my shoulder for big important
cars with V6 turbos.

Greenie : I guess I'm like a Volvo wagon. Steady,
unassuming, and you don't take me seriously until
I'm blowing by you.

Brian : I guess Brian is like a Chevy Vega, a lot of pep,
but just can't make it up that hill....

Michael: a Ford Excursion. "One doesn't appreciate the
mass until one collides into it at top speed."

Tim: Audi A6-the classic European import

Richard C: Any car with N.O. and a blower-for all that
hot air

SlpBear:I am like a Kenworth T-2000 coming at ya in 18th double over

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