25 September 2015

Full set of Fetches!!!

I have completed my goal, I now have 5 full playsets of Khans' fetchlands.  It's been a long time coming, lots of trading and lots of pack openings.  And orders...I did have to buy a few.  This post would be boring if I didn't tell you what decks the fetches are in so here you are:

Bogles (deck nickname is Clyde) has 4 Windswept Heaths.  Bogles plays 8 green hexproof 1 drop creatures and most of the good enchantments (and Path to Exile) are white.  So Windswept Heaths.  As of this writing, I'm actually not sure why I'm not running any Temple Gardens.  Weird.

Burn is playing 2 Bloodstained Mire, 2 Flooded Strand, and 4 Wooded Foothills.  The idea is that between these I can get my 4 Sacred Foundries and my 2 Stomping Grounds.  And basics of any of the colors.  The deck really only plays red and white but needs to splash for green occasionally from the sideboard.  And this manabase means I'm able to add Nacatls if I need to.

But the reason I completed the set is for Twinsies, which is going to be running 4 Polluted Deltas, 2 Bloodstained Mires, and 2 Flooded Strands (which I stole from my soon to be obsolete standard Jeskai deck).  This is the only deck that really NEEDS the enemy fetches but I just can't justify the money for Scalding Tarn when this will work out OK.  This deck needs lots of red and lots of blue (twin needs two red sources and cryptic needs THREE blue sources) so the fixing has to be perfect and not kill me with shocks.  So I'll probably need the Tarns.

When it was confirmed that Battle for Zendikar wouldn't have the enemy fetchlands, Alex from Masters of Modern kicked of a bit of a twittoversy by saying that they weren't even really needed.  Based on the list above I'd have to agree.  For now.

But the main point here is that I feel like I just hit a magic milestone.  I have all 20 allied fetchlands!  I can build almost any deck and get to say, "that is so fetch!" whenever I want now.

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