08 February 2012

I just threw up in my mouth

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that picture makes me? Babe Ruth on the Dodgers? That is absolutely horrible. Great players should not end up on the Dodgers even if they are just first base coaches.

The Dodgers are designed for villains like Ron Cey, Tommy Lasorda, Kirk Gibson and Matt Latos (yes, he is evil enough to eventually become a Dodger). Not Babe Ruth.

I wonder how the fans in New York reacted to this in 1938? He was only a few miles away in Brooklyn and the team was terrible (finishing 18.5 games out in the National League) while the Yankees finished first in the AL and won the World Series (helloooo Cubbies). Most importantly, the Giants were 13.5 games better than the Dogs.

Anyway, not even Dodgers fans like the look of this so let's just go back to pretending it never happened. For the sake of my appetite.

1 comment:

Pat said...

Well, at least the Dodgers did escape from New York, unlike the Bronx team.