04 January 2012

Taking blogging to the next level

I'm a failure as a sailing blogger, not cracking the coveted Tillerman 9 again. Seriously, I used to be good. But then sailing slowed then stopped and I have to find a way to be good again.
So I thought, how about I ignore the old media (blogging) and become a new media dude. That's right, what's old is new and I'm going to be broadcasting live this upcoming Saturday (1/7/2012) at 9AM Pacific.

Actually, I'm not going to be broadcasting me due to the limited appeal. I'm going for hits on this one and broadcasting Noah's batting practice! Live!

Noah plans on hitting the ball hard, some funny banter, possibly an Aaron Rowand batting stance impersonation, and some engaging theories on hitting a baseball.

Please join him at http://ustrea.am/G833 at 9AM Pacific time on Saturday 1/7/2012.

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