16 December 2008

Get Out the Boat

Let’s see you get out to as many races as you can this coming year!

Motivate everyone you know to get out sailing, Race Locally, Motivate Globally!
Get out the Boat 2009!

If we can’t take your boat out sailing…
We’ll harass you into sailing it yourself.

The irony of me posting about this program, Get Out the Boat, is that my other plan for today's post was to be "the perfect day to not sail" about last Saturday which had EVERY SINGLE THING working against it.

But as someone who has sailed 34 days so far this year (ignore the flags to your right, those are just a hassle to keep up), I feel that I have the responsibility to try to motivate others to sail in 2009. So Get Out the Boat!, talk to all of your marina neighbors who are growing algae on their bottom, invite friends to sail, hitch rides on other boats, sign up for a race in another part of the bay. Hell, I'm even participating in a new event, the Winter Sailstice, quite possibly the least appealing date on the sailing calendar.

Just go sail. Except on days like last Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. If you get out of the boat wouldn't you have to walk on water to get home?

Anonymous said...

I have ordered 10 stickers for rightous distribution.