15 October 2008

Volvo Ocean Race

Is anyone else watching this thing? It is insane! The boats are packed in tight, they are having freakin' gybing duels in the middle of the ocean (not really the middle). At one point, Puma and Ericsson 4 were within 2 boat lengths of each other with Puma trying to get by. Since that email, apparently they did since they're 7 miles ahead.

I'm still rooting for Green Dragon who went into "stealth mode" last night as they did some maneuver that I'm still waiting to find out about. They are very solidly in 4th place having just gone through the Canary Islands.

I'm planning my strategy in the virtual race right now. After having run aground in Africa for about 12-16 hours this weekend, I'm furiously trying to catch up. I am at the point where I have to decide in the next couple of hours if I'm going to go through the Canaries or inside them. It's looking like inside is where I'll get the most pressure. You can follow me in the race by searching for the boat EVKfour. I will catch burnsy, you can bet on it.

Back to scrutinizing my polars and silently cheering on Green Dragon. Go the Dragon!


Lonnie Bruner said...

I'm watching but I'm kind of annoyed that there aren't more videos. I thought each boat had a full time media person and it's just been anemic. Also, the Virtual Spectator is broken so WTF? It looks much worse than last year --- like Atari from the 1980s. Hate to be a complainer --- just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Playin' the game. Added you as a "friend"