26 January 2008

Not What I Expected

The Three Bridge Fiasco fiascoized for sure. Many stories from the day about the race, people I met, how horribly badly NOAA sucks, and the thorough becalmings. But that'll have to wait. Because today Lady Bug was photographed by a Professional Photographer, one Erik Simonson! You may know him as *photoboy on Sailing Anarchy; he is also proprietor of H2oshots, a yacht racing photo specialist.

Today was the day that I was in a big enough event in the right place at the right time to peak my 198-phrf-self into the frame of a true spectacular yacht racing photo!

copyright Erik Simonson

He gets a shot of a crash and I crash the photo. Lady Bug has gone big time!


Tillerman said...

And more pics on Zen's blog too. Look forward to hearing the whole story.

Brendhan said...

Kathy conveniently left out the story of you guys seeing a boat CRASH yesterday. I just heard about the sea lions.

EVK4 said...

You have to be a far better sailor than I am to crash like that. As odd as that sounds.