31 January 2008

Big Weather Practice

Last weekend was supposed to be "that" weekend. The one where I had two un-reschedulable events where I was sailing rain or shine. The Three Bridge Fiasco was supposed to have a 100% chance of rain with 15-25 knot winds. The next day's practice sail on Oceanaire was supposed to be even nastier. Both were happening and my foul weather gear was going to get a good workout.

Then NOAA spit the bit. Saturday had clear skies and reasonable 10 knot winds that died to zero by 11:30AM. Sunday had a bigger storm forecast and the owner called of the practice sail presumably because the sailmaker didn't really want to go out if he didn't have to. Sunday, too, turned out to be reasonable, with showers but not the rain forecast.

So, two days of big weather sailing planned, zero days achieved. My thought is that if you won't go out in big weather, you can't go out in big weather. I really want more practice at it. Not just the wind, we get plenty of 20-30 knot days out here, but the wind accompanied by rain and the chop that comes with our typical storm's southerlies.

Saturday's forecast is going down steadily until now it's at this point: "W winds 5 to 10 kt... increasing to 15 to 25 kt in the evening. Chance of rain." Chance of rain and light winds, still not what I'm looking for but at least I get to go sailing.

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