20 January 2008

1000 Days on Land

I'm coming up on my three year anniversary for steady contributions to this blog. In fact, as of today, this blog is 1,012 days old. That, of course, got me thinking about the 1000 Days At Sea Mars-Analogous Odyssey. Those guys have slightly over two years left until they're done with their voyage. Their voyage to be 1000 days at sea without seeing land.

Now, I'm begrudgingly respectful that they've done this. Being at sea is not easy. Being at sea forever must be ridiculously hard. Hell, what are they doing for coffee?

But, and I mean this, think about how much you miss during 1000 days. When this blog started over 1000 days ago, this guy did not exist.

Now, he's winching with his eyes closed.

I'm pretty sure that Reid is more famous than I am. His blog must get more hits. He has more enemies on Sailing Anarchy than I do. And he has a ton more sea-miles. But he's going to miss 1000 days of his life. He's already done multiple multi-hundred day voyages. The only thing this one adds to those accomplishments is notoriety. For me at least, that notoriety isn't worth 1000 days of life.


Zen said...

1000 days missing, huh?

Dude, he's not in a coma he is sailing...with a cute young woman, who is adventurous enough to go with him.

I would not do it for that long with no land contact... (but more power to him.)

But he is living his dream, not sitting in traffic & smog for 1000 days.

Anyway congrats on passing the 1000 day blog posting milestone. It will be a bomb year for you. 1000 days of posting, 3 yrs Tiller award winner, sailing off to Hawaii, Mini Ed may just yet turn out to be a sailor, now...if you just could work out the coffee thing...

Hmmm here 's something. look how many days you are going to miss out of your life on coffee breaks, by sailing to Hawaii.
Maybe, your should re-think this sailing to Hawaii thing...

heheh, sweet, I beat the T-man to a post! Nice !

Zen said...

Hmmm why did I come over here... oh yeah some 3 bridge info

EVK4 said...

You know, I didn't really make the point I meant to. It really isn't about Reid, it's about me. i was reflecting on the last 1000 days of the blog and realized that I would really miss not having these 1000 days.

As to him, to each his own, I just know I wouldn't want to do it. I needed to mention him to put the 1000 days in context.

Zen said...


ah so! I'm with ya

Zen said...

However I knew that, I was just trying to help your ratings :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Coffee Bean International is one of Reid's sponsors?

Joe said...

Kudos to your post, it hits the mark with regard to Reid. I don't hate him, but I sure would not want to be him. When I was in the Navy we had year long cruises. That's a long time to be away from family and friends. A common phrase was "I can't wait to get back to the real world."

bonnie said...

Congrats on 1000 days!

I actually ended up putting up the comment I was going to make about R&S over on Frogma when your post led to my realizing that Frogma hit the third-year mark on the 20th!

Joe, with Navy & Hawaii background, you might like my shot at Carol Anne's Where I'm From. Navy brat version.