01 October 2007

The Marina Life

Sunday was a work day at the boat. So, naturally, Camille and I spent a lot of time wandering around the marina, eating lunch, going over to the boatyard for supplies, etc. Spending a day at the docks makes you realize there is a lot going on down there.

This guy was playing kayak polo over by the gangplank. A seemingly good, nay great, idea until we saw this in the water right near him.

Of course, Camille knew that we had painting, sanding, installing, varnishing and oiling to do back at the boat. So she pulled the education card on me and built herself an official People's Rebublic of Berkeley Municipal Marina Aquarium to be brought in for Sharing (the new century term for show and tell).

All in all, a fantastic day at the marina and for those scoring at home, every project was completed. On time and under budget!

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Brendhan said...

that's one cute kid. Let's get together before she goes off to high school.