10 August 2007

I Was Right

NOAA rolled the forecast. Yesterday's is now today's. Today's is now tomorrow's. And any time after that is the mysterious 5 to 15 that never will actually happpen.

Not that I'm complaining...we have wind here in the Bay, for that I am grateful. But why do I even check these things?

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bonnie said...

if I ever get my internet connection back at home I have a not-exactly-accurate weather forecast related post to do. Sigh. Had a nice time out on the water anyways but on a surfski, which I can always do, not a Sunfish, as I'd been hoping and planning for all week & which at this point, for me, still requires the presence of people who actually know what they are doing (and have the keys to the storage container where all the masts, rudders, sails, centerboards, etc. are kept).

Holly the sailing chair laughed at me for listening to NOAA.