07 July 2007

The Problem with Sailing

One of my best readers (and, yes, I do keep a ranking for the 6 of you) pointed out that I haven't written about my last few weekends' sailing adventures, instead boring you with accounts of stoned hippies and hypothermia. Here's the problem, a beautiful fun relaxing sail does not make for good blog material.

Last weekend, this faithful reader's wife went sailing with me. We had a beautiful sail out to Angel Island, grabbed a mooring, ate lunch, told stories, and had a beautiful reach and run home. The height of tension was when I said, "I hate to interrupt you but we have to head up more to avoid being hit by that tanker." And, nobody on board had ever grabbed a mooring ball before but it turns out that's easy.

I fear that my blog has given me the reputation as a bad/crazy sailor. For that I blame Tillerman, he challenged us sailing bloggers to write about our mistakes. Turns out that's a lot more fun than saying, "hey, it was beautiful out and the sail was tremendous."

Wait until I write about the time that I hove-to for lunch, the wind shifted, and I had to look around a bit to figure out which way we were drifting now. Talk about High Tension on the High Seas.


Zen said...

Yeah, T-man always stirring up stuff :-)


but nothing I see on his sitet that is degrading to Hippies or Neanderthals!

oh wait , you said nothing about Neanderthals either, my bad. :-)

Sorry I'm bored.

Tillerman said...

You are absolutely right. Most of sailing is incredibly uneventful. Why would anyone want to read a blog about boring stuff like that? Why would anyone want to write a blog about a tedious topic like that?

Let's all call it quits, give up sailing and blogging about it, and start blogging about something interesting.