11 February 2007

The Danger of Photography

I'm not mindful like some bloggers. I don't actually notice everything around me and snatch pebbles from people's hands. Well, sometimes I snatch pebbles but only if they're left right out in front of me.

So after my post about the bare bottomed boat, I was looking at the picture and wasn't focusing on the absence of the old name, but I kept looking at my life ring. My god that thing was dingy. I think it was supposed to be yellow, but it had gone shades past the last part of the yellow spectrum (gulden's in case you're wondering) and into the realm of brown. How had I not noticed this while sailing or polishing the pushpit or kicking around the boat?

The course of action was clear....boost the US economy and go retailing.

Now that's a Jim Buoy.


Anonymous said...

that life ring/jim buoy looked well used. i don't think "fadedness" compromised its utility. i'd akept the old one.

Zen said...

It's ok, your still young grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

paint it

Carol Anne said...

It's amazing how much things brighten up when the sun is shining on them.

Of course, if you have something that's a bit weathered, you can always say it adds "character" to your boat.

Pat said...

Carol Anne says I'm quite a character, although I hope it's not just because I'm a bit weathered.