24 January 2007

Three More Days

Holy crap I'm getting antsy. The Three Bridge Fiasco is in three days. I've prepared all of my material: tidal currents, boats I'm starting with, boats I'm competing against, grocery list, GPS coordinates of marks, GPS coordinates of hazards, weather updates every 30 minutes. It's killing me to wait.

I'm even annoying my whole crew by insisting that everyone commit for the February and March races, drawing little diagrams about where I'm going to put people. I've shanghai'd a bunch of new people for the crew list this year by promising margaritas, sunshine and entertainment.

I have no idea what I'd be doing if my season didn't start for months rather than days. I'd probably be going into work dressed in foul weather gear and pretending my office is a pilothouse, shouting orders at my underlings in nauti-speak.

Three days....just three more days.

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good luck to you and your crew... :)