12 October 2005


Well, I've gone and done it. I have bought Camille's boat. Only two years before she can even start taking lessons. We're nothing if not prepared around here.

The boat is a 1965 wooden El Toro in pretty nice shape. Just enough work needs to be done to keep us busy over the winter. And until she's ready to go out by herself, Bob and I will have a really cool lake boat to tool around in.

As is my family tradition, Camille names the boats (especially hers). I was prepared for Polka Dot II and even ready to paint polka dots on the topsides. But, she threw out Starbeam, an oddly nautical name despite being named after "My Little Pony". The boat will have a varnished interior and transom with blue paint on the hull and topsides with snowflake accents. Starbeam, go figure.


Anonymous said...

Great looking boat, and I love the name.

Tillerman said...

Oh man - that is so cool. What a great picture. I wonder if she knows how much fun she will have in her new toy?

When my eldest son was 7 I bought him a wooden Optimist, painted green. I put it on the lawn and both boys sat it in and I took a photo. They both learned to sail in that boat. Every winter I repainted and revarnished it.

You have so many wonderful years ahead of you to enjoy with that boat and your kids. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Beyond cool. CK rocks.